Siste Sukk Tapes and Records

Oslo-based DIY label and distro, specializing in emo, screamo and hardcore.

From Bergen town… it’s Mountain Cloth!
Filmed and edited by Joe Schweers.

Debut album out on Siste Sukk Tapes and Records fall 2013. // //

Coming soon

New tapes in my distro!


This is my very first attempt at making a zine, inspired by emo music, friends and springtime. I filled it with some of my lino prints, photos and some random thoughts. I didn’t really want to charge anything for it, but then I ended up spending a crapload of money on toner for my printer. To cover the expenses, I’m selling them for 25 NOK. I made 25 of them, so just give me a shout if you’re interested in one.


(iampsyencefiction på Sandermosen emofestival 2013)

My distro is getting small. I need to refill it with stuff. Please get in touch if you’d like to trade tapes!


(Mye nytt og fint å lytte til.

I love seeing things like this, thank you so much!

Siste Sukk on Bandcamp ›

I’ve uploaded all of my releases to Bandcamp, and they can now be streamed in their entirety.

A few of my release are actually out of print. lord snow and Montpellier. / Caust are gone, and I’m running very low on iampsyencefiction. This is amazing to me. To thank you, these releases can now be downloaded for free from this link.

Enjoy ‘em and spread the word!


(Stuekonsert med Aske, Stavanger 29.03)

Great shot from a great show by a great band! Look out for Aske!

The second tape I ever did with Siste Sukk (SIST02) was ordered back in March of ‘12. Needless to say, it has suffered a lot of delays, but I’m so happy to announce it’s finally here! Check out Choirs from Texas, really awesome emo/screamo with noodly guitars and shouty vocals! 40 NOK/$5. Get in touch if you want to distro.